/ Since the past 30 years SODOU ASOM KABI SANMILAN (ALL ASSAM POETS’ ASSOCIATION) , founded by renowned poet Lt. Ram Gogoi, has been working dedicatedly for the enrichment and upliftment of poets and their poetry. In order to make poetry accessible, entertaining and comprehensible, this organisation has been responsible for carrying out various activities. Apart from encouraging the new poets in engaging in poetry by activities like ‘kabya charcha’, ‘kabya chintan’ and workshops of poetry, a lot of thought is given by this organisation on progressing and improving the values of neo-poetry.

SODOU ASOM KABI SANMILAN (ALL ASSAM POETS’ ASSOCIATION) has been actively publishing the poetry journal NATUN KABITA and magazine SAMALAY since its inception and has made significant trides in publishing two more new poetry journals namely SHYAMANTAK and SAMAKALIN KABITA. On top of establishing a fixed capital fund, this organisation is also responsible for setting up a fund, KABI KALYAN for the underprivileged poets of the state. Apart from this, this organisation has published significant amount of books related to poetry and a number of books on compilations of poems from various noteworthy poets.

Our poets have been great benefited and inspired by the exceptional work done by SODOU ASOM KABI SANMILAN (ALL ASSAM POETS’ ASSOCIATION) so far. We are forever committed in bringing the poetry, people and language of the state closer together. Following the great words once said by Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala ‘ RUPANTAREHE JAGAT DHUNIA KARE’ – let us embark towards a better and enlightened journey of poetry.

Nila Kanta Saikia, President

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