A Brief chronicle of “All Asssam Poets Association”

Namrup, a historical place and an industrial town, is surrounded by charming natural beauty. In the field of Assamese literature and culture, Namrup has a special identity as a progressive land of intellectual thinking. It is seen that people of different cast, creed, religion and languages are coming from different parts of India and has merged here with local inhabitants. Thus this place is seemed to be a miniature India with unity in diversity.

In the year of 1985, on an auspicious moment, a poetic group named ‘Samaloy Poet Circle’ was formed in Namrup. This poet circle was formed in endeavour of poet Late Janardan Mahanta, Makhan Dutta, Pradeep Hazarika and Ananda Dutta. They had published a poetic magazine ‘Samaloy’. After that, the number of poetic lovers have grown day by day in Assam. Consequently, the number of readers has also increased. In subsequent time the ‘Samaloy’ magazine built a pavement for a poetic journey in Assam.

It was the time of crises of existence of the Assamese. During the period of ‘Foreigner Expulsion Movement’ in Assam the leftists were suspected. In some places the leftist poets and writers were physically and mentally assaulted. Poet Ram Gogoi, well-known as ‘Pothar Kobi’ was also victim of such incident. In that critical juncture ‘Samaloy‘ magazine which was published by ‘Samaloy Kabi chakra’ under the guidance of poet Ram Gogoi , was distributed and sold throughout the Assam from Sodiya to Dhuburi and in every place a delegate was elected. They had planned to prepare a platform to unite all the poet delegates from different parts of Assam. They did not have to wait long for such a golden moment.

In 1987, because of sincere effort of Namrup ‘Samaloy Kabi chakra,a huge three days poet conference was held pompously at Namrup. That was a holy effort to bring the Assamese poets under the same roof in the same platform. In that poet festival about hundreds of poets took part. Among them some of the reknown poets were Biren Borkotoky (former president of Axom Xahitya Xabha),Ram Gogoi,Manik Gogoi, Sujauddin Ahmed, Ram Goswami, Sushil Kumar Gogoi, Aboni Chakravorty , Rabindra Sarkar, Jogeswar Laskar, Bhubenaswar Deka, Biren Hazarika, Ashok Das, Surendra Mohan Hazarika ,Mukunda Sarma, Pradeep Hazarika, Jonardan Mahanta, Gopal BejBoruah, Ananda Dutta etc. In the last night of that conference, on a historical moment an adhoc committee was formed. Ram Gogoi and Ananda Dutta were selected as president and secretary respectively. In that conference the first huge poetic organization of Assam as well as North –East India was formed and that is how ‘All Assam Poet Association’ took birth. In that conference a decision was taken to hold the first session of ‘All Assam Poet Association’ to form a complete committee.

It is to be noted that ‘All Assam Poets Association’ is one of the biggest poetic association of Assam. It is neither a rival nor a parallel association of any other literary association of Assam. The main objectives of this association to popularize Assamese poem are

(i) To unite the poetic society of Assam in a open platform.
(ii) To bring out the potentialities of new (unknown) poet to the forefront of the public.
(iii) To unfold the poets’ personality and poetic talent and to well protect the poets’ liberty and dignity.
(iv) To widespread and popularize Assamese poem.

For strengthening the poetic movement in Assam many sub committees are formed in different parts of Assam. After the decision of several working committee, the first full flagged session of ‘All Assam Poet Association’ was held in Jamugurihaat of Sonitpur district. It was held from 20th to 23rd October, 1988. In this four days session all executive members thanked and showed gratefulness to artist Surjya Borgohain who has drawn the permanent symbol of ‘All Assam Poets Association’. In this session the decision was taken to except Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala’s poem ‘ xundore je phular montra ahuratri mate/xeyehe aji eman phool probhate probhate’ as theme-poem. A strong core committee was formed in the first complete session of ‘All Assam Poet Association.’ Ram Gogoi was selected as president, Ananda Dutta as general secretary ,Aboni Bora and Ram Goswami as vice-president, Avani Chakarvarti as publishing officer and Premo Gogoi as Magazine Secretary. In subsequent time,’ All Assam Poet Association’ established more than three hundred sub committees in the nook and corner of Assam to popularize Assamese poem among common people. They organized workshops, seminars, poem recitation programs in different parts of Assam. ‘All Assam Poet Association’ has been continuously publishing an annual magazine named ‘samaloy ’ and a three monthly journal ‘natun kabita’ since then . Apart from that they published many books such as ‘Asomiya kabitar shrestha kabita’, ‘Kabita aru Darshan’ by Hiren Bhattacharya, ‘Sristri aru Darshan’ by Amuya Baruah, Ram Gogoi’s book of criticism of poems, Neelmoni phukan’s books of criticism of poems ’Sandhikhonor Asomiya Kabita’, ’Pratibhaban Kabir Kabyagrantha’ etc. Moreover, All Assam Poet Association has honoured many famous poets. They honoured Sujauddin Ahmed as ‘Kabyapran’, Nilmoni Phukan as ‘Kabyarishi’,Nalinidhar Bhattachrya as ‘Kabyarishi’,Hiren Bhatta as ‘Kabyaratna’,Hirendra Nath Dutta as ‘Kabyarishi’, Rabindra Bora as ‘kabyaratna’ and Nagen Saikia as ‘Katharatna’. ‘All Assam poet Association’ also honoured poets with several awards like ‘Ram Gogoi award’,’Aboni Chakravorty award’,’Sujauddin Ahmed Award’,’Benu chiring award ‘ etc.etc. ‘All Assam Poet Association’ sustains an intellectual journey by forming more than three hundred sub-committees, about twenty five district committees having more than five hundred life time members. They have organized complete session in different places like Nagoan, Sunitpur, Lakhimpur, Guwahati, Pathshala, Tinisukia, Sivasagar, Jorhat, Sunari, Namrup, Titabor, Borongabari and Guaghat of Assam .Thus they completed thirty years of very long poetic journey. During this period the poetic movement in Assam is led by the founder president Ram Gogoi. He was Followed by Sujauddin Ahmed, Prem Gogoi, Juliana Begum, Anish Ujj Jaman, Dr. Manik Saikia and Nilakanta Saikia . The biggest poetic movement of entire north east India is becoming more and more powerful day by day under the strong leadership of general secretary from Ananda Dutta , Thaneswar Goswami, Premo Gogoi, Debajeet Dutta, Hemnarayan Dutta, Tarun Konwar, Paragjyoti mahanta, Horen Gogoi, Gangamohan Mili to Ujjal Powgam.

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