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Our Vision

  • To unite the poetic society of Assam in a open platform
  • To bring out the potentialities of new (unknown) poet to the forefront of the public
  • To unfold the poets’ personality and poetic talent and to well protect the poets’ liberty and dignity
  • To widespread and popularize Assamese poem

A Brief chronicle of “All Asssam Poets Association”

Namrup, a historical place and an industrial town, is surrounded by charming natural beauty. In the field of Assamese literature and culture, Namrup has a special identity as a progressive land of intellectual thinking. It is seen that people of different cast, creed, religion and languages are coming from different parts of India and has merged here with local inhabitants. Thus this place is seemed to be a miniature India with unity in diversity.
In the year of 1985, on an auspicious moment, a poetic group named ‘Samaloy Poet Circle’ was formed in Namrup. This poet circle was formed in endeavour of poet Late Janardan Mahanta, Makhan Dutta, Pradeep Hazarika and Ananda Dutta. They had published a poetic magazine ‘Samaloy’. know more

President Message

Since the past 30 years SODOU ASOM KABI SANMILAN (ALL ASSAM POETS’ ASSOCIATION) , founded by renowned poet Lt. Ram Gogoi, has been working dedicatedetly for the enrichment and upliftment of poets and their poetry. In order to make poetry accessible, entertaining and comprehensible, this organisation has been responsible for carrying out various activities. Apart from encouraging the new poets in engaging in poetry by activities like ‘kabya charcha’, ‘kabya chintan’ and workshops of poetry, a lot of thought is given by this organisation on progressing and improving the values of neo-poetry. know more

News & Events

"Xois aru Xabdar din”...

“Xois aru Xabdar din”, a daylong colourful program was observed on the occasion of 87th birthday of renowned poet Hiren Bhattacharyya...

28/07/2018 8:00 am

Launching the website...

All Assam Poets Association website being launched on 14th July 2018 at Planetorium Auditorium Jorhat...

14/07/2018 2:00 pm

Assam Legislative Assembly Speaker Hitendra Goswami launching...

Honorable Hitendra Goswami launcing the All Assam Poets Association website on 14th July 2018 at Planetorium Auditorium Jorhat...

14/07/2018 2:00 pm

Kabya Nandini - Women Poets recitation porgramme ...

Women Poets recitation porgramme by many renowned women poets on 14th July 2018 at Planetorium Auditorium Jorhat...

14/07/2018 3:00 pm

Women Poets felicitation porgramme ...

Women Poets being felicitated on 14th July 2018 at Planetorium Auditorium Jorhat by All Assam Poets Association...

14/07/2018 3:30 pm

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